To celebrate V.E. Day on Sunday 8 May – Darlington Hippodrome is looking for some very special guests to attend One Night at the V.E. Day proms - the ultimate, musical celebration in honour of V.E. DAY which comes to the theatre on Monday 9 May.

The Hippodrome would love to hear from local people who remember celebrating the original V.E. Day in 1945. How did they celebrate? Where did they go and what did they see? How did they feel on that special day?

In return for sharing their experiences, one lucky person will be picked to come along on Monday 9 May with some friends and family to enjoy the incredible concert show.

If you were there, or know someone who was and who’d like to share their story, let us know by emailing

One Night at the V.E. Day Proms comes to Darlington Hippodrome on Monday 9 May 2022 and will take you on a musical journey through World War II, providing an insight into how music played a pivotal role throughout the most extraordinary period in modern day history.

Featuring The London Gala Orchestra and exceptional live singers, One Night at the V.E. Day Proms brings back to life such popular war time songs as Vera Lynn's 'The White Cliffs of Dover' and Glenn Miller's 'In The Mood' alongside classical masterpieces such as 'Land of Hope and Glory' and 'Jerusalem'.

Tickets are on sale now. For more information or to book call 01325 405405 or visit the show page here.