Pledge to the Planet

Pledge to the planet

Here at Darlington Hippodrome, we believe that the we have a responsibility to help the planet in whatever way we can. Here's what we're doing...

Less printing, smaller carbon footprint

  • We do digital whenever we can.
  • Where visiting companies supply leaflets and posters, we request the minimal amount to reduce wastage.
  • In our offices, our staff only print and file documents when absolutely necessary.
  • For our printed marketing materials, we use paper from sustainable sources.
  • Where we post brochures, we pack them in recyclable envelopes without plastic windows, as opposed to plastic shrink wrap.

Our plant room saves plants! 

  • Recent low carbon improvement works carried out in the plant room (where we keep the boiler etc. as opposed to the greenery!) reduces energy use in the building.


  • Glass, plastic, cardboard and paper are recycled.

Getting around

  • Staff are invited to join Darlington Borough Council's 'cycle to work' scheme.
  • Hybrid working minimises unnecessary car journeys into the office.
  • Staff can lease electric cars through the NHS Fleet Solutions.

 We've seen the light

  • The lights in our offices, toilets and backstage corridors use sensors so they only come on when these areas are in use.
  • You love it when we light up the building in suppose of a particular cause - and please be assured that these colourful external lights on the front of the building are LED.

Love local

  • We use local companies whenever possible:
    • Taylor's Butchers
    • Dragon Slayer Distillery
    • iSecure 
    • Acorn Dairies 
    • Railtown Coffee

Making memories

  • We help you to make memories that last a lifetime. 

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