"Getting back together with the community cast has been great! Many of us have kept in touch and formed close relationships since the performance of A Tale of Two Cities but it was good to see everyone in one room again with some new faces!

"At first we didn’t know what to expect however, we knew it would be something different and exciting. Our rehearsals started off with a lot of ‘game play’ including a penguin game that I am really not good at! These games enable us to connect as a group and work together under pressure to achieve the same goals.

"As the rehearsals developed we started to branch out into creating mini scenes and working on story building and development of characters which was really interesting as we started to get a glimpse of what the performance we were going to be involved in was going to look like. During this time we were lucky enough to take part in some really exciting workshops, my favourite was the mime workshop. Turns out I’m pretty good at ‘pretending to run’.

"After Christmas we returned to find the completed storyboard of the production and we were introduced to our roles. I was super pleased to be cast as two really interesting characters and I am very excited to portray them in the performance. Anywhere is going to be a really unique production that many people may not have experienced before and I would urge anyone and everyone to come along and get involved."