Following the prime minister’s briefing yesterday, advising people not to visit theatres, Darlington Hippodrome has taken the difficult decision that forthcoming performances will not go ahead until further notice and the venue will be closed.

We will begin to contact customers on a rolling show-by-show basis as it becomes clear which events will have to be cancelled. Please wait for us to contact you and we thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

As you will have heard in the media, the impact on the entertainment industry could be very damaging. Darlington Hippodrome is a vital part of the theatre infrastructure and the local community and we ask you to consider whether you are able to donate all or a portion of the cost of your booking back to support the theatre, the industry and the local economy. We recognise that this is a time of uncertainty which will affect everybody differently, but if you are in a position to help us remain a vital part of the community, we would be enormously grateful.

Your options:

  • Gift the cost of your ticket to support Darlington Hippodrome and the theatre industry.
  • Donate part of the cost of your ticket and either use the remaining amount towards tickets for future performances, or claim a partial refund.
  • Put the cost of your ticket back onto your Darlington Hippodrome account to use for a future performance at this venue.
  • Claim a full refund to your original payment method

You do not need to do anything relating to your booking at this time. As you will appreciate, our staff are experiencing unprecedented volumes of calls and emails and we would be grateful if you would wait for us to contact you.

Thank you, once again, for your understanding. Whatever your response, we remain grateful and send all our best wishes.

Very sincerely yours,

Heather Tarran-Jones
Programming & Development Director