Robin Ince - Weapons of Empathy

Robin Ince - Weapons of Empathy

8:00PM, Friday, May 03, 2024

Venue: Hipp @ The Hullabaloo

Award-winning comedian and bibliomaniac, ROBIN INCE, takes audiences on a celebratory tour of the places books can take us, and of the ideas that can make wonder and widen the sky. Robin was the Bookseller's Association 2022 Author of the Year. The Times Literary Supplement described 'Bibliomaniac' as 'joyous, irreverent – liberating and life-affirming' while Eric Idle said 'one of the most delightful books I have ever read... always making me laugh'. Expect a chaos of words and ideas, love and delight. And also, a very long reading list. Robin Ince is many things. A comedian, an author, a broadcaster and a populariser of scientific ideas. The Guardian once declared him a ‘becardiganed polymath’ which seems about right. Robin is probably best known as the co-host of the Sony Gold Award winning BBC Radio 4 series 'The Infinite Monkey Cage' with Professor Brian Cox. He also co-hosts the podcast 'Book Shambles' with Josie Long, 'An Uncanny Hour' and 'Science Shambles' with Dr Helen Czerski, all three of which are a part of 'The Cosmic Shambles Network', which he also co-created.

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03 May 2024 Friday Book Online
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