Lust For Life Drawing | Opening the closet doors

Lust For Life Drawing | Opening the closet doors

1:00PM, Saturday, August 13, 2022

Venue: Darlington Hippodrome

Taking place on the Hippodrome stage - this is a special extended LUST FOR LIFE DRAWING session inspired by images discovered in the Opening The Closet Doors project. Opening The Closet Doors is brand new film made by local LGBTQ+ people in response to the LGBTQ+ themes, histories, stories and inspirations contained in the Darlington Hippodrome archive. Selected images from the Hippodrome archive will be projected onto a large screen and the life model will react with a pose inspired by the image. This is an extended session with an opportunity to draw/paint some long poses and create some detailed work. Relaxed untutored life drawing to a rock and roll soundtrack. For drawers of stick-people to pro-sketchers and everyone in between. Bring your own art materials. All welcome. Ages 18+

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Running time: 180 minutes (approx.)

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