Annabelle’s Challenge

Annabelle’s Challenge

Annabelle’s Challenge aims to promote awareness and medical research into the rare, life-threatening and incurable genetic condition Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Vascular EDS). 

Thought to affect around 740 people in the UK, Vascular EDS is a connective tissue disorder and means patients are at daily risk of their internal organs and arteries spontaneously rupturing. 

Annabelle’s Challenge has grown to become a leading organisation for information and advice on Vascular EDS, liaising with health professionals to raise awareness and increase knowledge and management of the condition. 

In addition to tirelessly campaigning for research and funding for Vascular EDS, the charity also runs a dedicated helpline for newly diagnosed families, working closely with the EDS National Diagnostic Service, a highly specialised service commissioned by NHS England with clinics based in Sheffield and London.

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